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Activities - Meetings - Workshops

Kickoff Meeting of the 2nd funding period

Please mark your calendars, for 23rd-25th of September, 2020, as we will resume our meeting that we had to cancel in March 2020.The meeting will begin at 2 pm on the 23rd, and end at 1 pm on the 25th.

The Venue is at H4 Hotel Frankfurt Messe:

For the final program, see here.

Optogenetic Technologies and Applications Conference, Boston, 8-10 December, 2019

This is to announce the upcoming Optogenetic Technologies and Applications Conference, which is sponsored by the Society for Biological Engineering, and will take place in Boston on December 8-10, 2019.

The meeting will bring together scientists, engineers and physicians working on developing molecular tools and devices for optogenetic applications, and genetically encoded light systems for medicine and biotechnology.  

Session 1: Advances in Optogenetic Technologies  

Novel Optogenetic Modalities

Optogenetic Tools for Animal Cells

Optogenetic Tools for Microbial and Plant Cells

Materials and Devices for Optogenetic Applications

Session 2: Optogenetics in Biomedicine

Optogenetics in Neurological Disorders

Optogenetics in Cardiovascular Disorders

Optogenetic Drug Delivery

Optogenetics in Other Biomedical Applications

Session 3: Optogenetics in Biotechnology

Optogenetics in Microbial Technologies

Optogenetics in Plant Engineering

A fantastic cohort of world leading experts in optogentetics will present 

Keynote addresses

Ed Boyden (MIT), Adam Cohen (Harvard University) and John Rogers (Northwestern University) and

Invited talks

Jose Avalos (Princeton University), Michael Blatt (University of Glasgow), Tobias Bruegmann (University of Goettingen), Emilia Entcheva (George Washington University), Kevin Gardner (The City University of New York), Robert Gereau (Washington University), Peter Hegemann (Humboldt University of Berlin), Ute Hochgeschwender (University of Central Michigan), Ehud Isacoff (UC Berkeley), Megan McLean (University of Wisconsin), Andreas Moeglich (University of Bayreuth), Anna Moroni (University of Milan), Jeffrey Tabor (Rice University), Emmanuel Tzanakakis (Tufts University), Vladislav Verkhusha (Albert Einstein College of Medicine), Wilfried Weber (University of Freiburg), Haifeng Ye (East China Normal University), Mattias Zurbriggen (University of Dusseldorf).

Detailed information about the meeting, including registration, abstract submission, and the preliminary program, can be found on the conference website:

Imaging / Optogenetics workshops within SPP1926

please find here information on workshops that were held in SPP1926




3rd Annual Meeting of SPP1926 & SUMMER SCHOOL, 24th-26th September, 2018, CAESAR, Bonn

Please block this date!

This will be our concluding meeting for the first funding period, including international guest speakers, and a summer school on the 24th of September. The meeting is public (by registration, see below) on the 24th-25th, followed by an internal session on the 26th. It will take place at caesar, the Center of Advanced European Studies and Research ( in Bonn, Germany. 

Announcement Poster.

For registration / summer school application (deadline 30th June 2018), as well as for general inquiries, please send an e-mail to Mrs. Schöffner at:

FENS 2018 Sattelite Symposium "Resolving the Brain Circuitry: A Story of Tools, Experiments and Models"

was held on 6th July 2018 at the Harnack Haus in Berlin. Speakers included P. Hegemann (Berlin), C. Wyart (Paris), E. Yoon (Ann Arbor), R. Friedrich (Basel), K. Harris (London), M. Helmstädter (Frankfurt), and members of the three SPPs 1665, 1926 and 2041. 

For more information on this event, please see here:

For an abstract of the Symposium, see here.



2nd annual Meeting

was held from

9. to 11. October 2017

Wilhelm-Kempf-Haus, Naurod near Wiesbaden

Program included presentations of all participant projects, talks by guest speakers (G. Nagel, C. Wyart, I. Hanganu-Opatz, E. Lemke, T. Oertner, V. Busskamp), organizational issues and planning of activities


Kick-off Meeting

was held from

28. September, 14.00, to 30. September 2016, 13.00

Hotel am Kurpark (, Parkstraße 20-22, D-61118 Bad Vilbel

Program included presentations of all participant project proposals, organizational issues and planning of activities, workshops and meetings


Roundtable Optogenetics 2.-4. June 2014